Welcome to! This is probably not the site you intended to visit as it is just a placeholder for some other content on this server.

Who is responsible here?

This server is operated by Bastian Rieck, on whose website you can find more contact information if you need it. Messages to the user ‘bastian’ at this domain, i.e. ‘’, will also be answered.

What is this domain used for?

I use this domain mostly for private e-mail communication. Apart from that, I have created several subdomains with very different purposes (statistics, webserver ‘playground’, sandbox etc.). The original idea was to disentangle my personal online presence from my professional one, but I have since given up on this, as the internet blends the personal and the private.

Please note: If you want a subdomain delegated (not hosted) to your IP address, just drop me a note. You can find the address on my personal homepage. I am also willing to forward mail from to another address.

Why does somebody use this domain name?

Why not? When created in 2004, this name seemed like a good idea. Since most of the domain names I wanted had already been taken, I decided to go for a very uncommon one. Hence, this domain was born. If you long for more details about the mythology behind that, just read this Wikipedia article. I am in no way affiliated with any of the other annwfn domains out there.

Where shall I go now?

I don't know.

What is hosted here?

This server hosts some of my websites:

I am also happy to host the websites of some friends: