What is it used for?

I use this domain mostly for e-mail communication. Apart from that, I have created several subdomains with very different purposes (statistics, webserver "playground", sandbox etc.). I am always happy for any suggestions. However, I do not offer any hosting services.

Please note: If you want a subdomain delegated (not hosted) to your IP address, just drop me a note. You can find the address on my personal homepage. I am also willing to forward mail from to another address.

Why does somebody use this domain name?

Why not? When created in 2004, this name seemed like a good idea. Since most of the domain names I wanted had already been taken, I decided to go for a very uncommon one. Hence, this domain was born. If you long for more details about the mythology behind that, just read this Wikipedia article. I am in no way affiliated with any of the other annwfn domains out there.

Where shall I go now?

I don't know. Try a search engine.

What is hosted here?